Make Me A Movie

A movie game created by Alex Grubard and Dan Tovrov where one will name a group of actors and actresses and the other creates a movie pitch, movie title and a opening box office estimate. Investments welcome.

I Am the Law

I Am the Law

David Williams and Larry Wilmore

David and Larry are two high-class prosecutors that through an odd circumstance have to hit the streets to stop a murderer/drug dealer. It’s the case of a lifetime as these two lawyers become the law and take the law into their own hands.

Tag line: “More law. Less order.”

Next cast: Kevin Pollack and January Jones

Film Blue

Kate Beckinsale, Danny Pudi and Stephen Graham

Beckinsale plays Oriana Pasichenko, a Ukrainian prostitute. Graham is a movie producer that woes her into a shady film contract. Pudi is a PA involved with Graham’s “studio” who falls in love with Oriana and tries to protect and free her from Graham’s grasp, but ends up trying to control her as well. The viewer is left asking “who is worse: her old pimp, Graham or Pudi?”

Tag line: “Sometimes, dreams don’t come true.”

Next cast: David Williams and Larry Wilmore

Brains, Brains and Automobiles

Peter O’Toole and Penn Badgley

An old man (Peter) had been living in the house of his son, daughter-in-law and grandson (Penn), but now is only with his grandson driving through America’s highways to avoid the zombie uprising. They never stop more than 5 minutes anywhere and spend most of their time in the car shooting different weapons at zombies in cities, plains and suburbs. Get some deals with car companies for the dozens of vehicles they get in. Peter O’Toole in a dune buggy.

Tagline: “Family road trip.”

Next Cast: Kate BeckinsaleDanny Pudi and Stephen Graham

Stephen Colbert, Justin Timberlake and Anne Hathaway

It’s a modern rom-com about what happens when internet dating goes wrong. Hathaway is looking for love on a popular online-dating site and sets up dates with both Colbert and Timerlake. Except she confuses their profiles and says all the wrong things on her dates! But instead of correcting the lovely lady, both men try to act like the person Hathaway thinks they are - thereby unknowingly becoming each other. Just wait until the Colbert and Timberlake finally meet in person, when Hathaway, again confused, schedules two dates at the same time. It’s a comedy of errors!

Tagline: True love is just a few clicks away…

Next Cast:Peter O’Toole and Penn Badgley

Hell Hath

Winona Ryder and Christina Aguilera

Winona and Christina both work in a diner in the middle of nowhere America. A guy drives into town on a Harley Davidson one day out of the blue and sweeps the two of them off their feet. But they don’t know it. Together they discover that this stranger is two-timing them and conspire to kill him. But each of their own accord decide it will be better for themselves if they kill the other woman. It’s a motorcycle love triangle full of double crossings and scorned women.

Tagline: Scorned to be wild!

Next Cast: Stephen Colbert, Justin Timberlake and Anne Hathaway

Gone But Not Forgotten

Laura Linney and Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston is a widower who has never recovered from the death of his wife. One day, while at a store buying booze, he meets Linney, who starts up a conversation with him. Strangely, when talking to Cranston she uses a few phrases that Cranston’s dead wife often used. Spellbound, he decides that he must see Linney again. As their relationship grows, he becomes convinced that his wife is communicating to him through Linney. The movie morphs from touching to horrifying as Cranston begins to stalk Linney. He tells her that he must kill them both so he can be reunited with his wife in the afterlife. What will happen?!

From Fox Searchlight Pictures

Next Cast: Winona Ryder and Christina Aguilera

Big Debacle

Dominic West, Maya Rudolph and Matt Damon

The head of a Big Tobacco corporation dies and his son, played by West, becomes President of the company. The CEO (Damon) is suspicious of the new President since he had been an anti-smoking activist in college. He begins to do some serious detective work sneaking around and spying on West and trying hard to get information out of Dominic’s wife (Rudolph). Matt uncovers a plot the two are forming to move the company to California and make headway into the newly developing legalized marijuana industry. After crunching the numbers Damon is actually pretty cool with it.

Tagline: Smoke ‘em if you plot ‘em.

Next Cast: Laura Linney and Bryan Cranston

When the Weed Stops Tumbling

Robert Duvall and Martin Sheen 

Set in turn-of-the-century Utah. Duvall is former bank robber; once a notorious outlaw of the wild west, but now hiding out and retired. Sheen is the retired lawman and Duvall’s former nemesis. The world is changing drastically around these two old men, and they are having a hard time adjusting to the taming of the wild west. As a reaction to the landscape evolving around him, Duvall goes backward, into his outlaw past, starting an old-fashioned crime spree. Sheen’s old-world tactics might be the only way to put an end to Duvall’s violent tear across the west.

Tag Line: How the west was done.

Next Cast: Dominic West, Maya Rudolph and Matt Damon

Marry 4 Money

Omar Sharif and Demi Moore

The film begins with the marriage of Omar and Demi’s characters. She is marrying this 90 year old man for his money and begins to try to murder him to get at it. After several failed attempts (poisoning, dropping piano on head, birds) he finally passes away while having sex with his maid (not Demi). The maid covers up the death fearing she’ll be fired and frames Demi as his killer. Nothing goes Demi’s way and she is sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Tagline: Can you gold dig it, sucka?

Next Cast: Robert Duvall and Martin Sheen